One of the biggest challenges with the loss of a limb is "phantom pain."  The problem with phantom pain can be from not having a prosthetic fitted as soon as you are able. Waiting too long to wear a prosthetic can be one of the problems associated with phantom pains. We have specific support for those that have endured a loss of a limb or limbs.   Chronic Pain Resource has support from the best in the industry to provide cutting edge resources for those who have lost a limb and the name of this company is Utah Prosthetics and Orthotics.   What you will receive is a Can Do Attitude with experienced professionals that have an in depth working knowledge with prosthetics and fitting. Their goal is helping you learn to walk properly again.

When losing a limb nothing can be worse.   Because of a bad experience dealing with my husbandís challenges we found Utah Prosthetics and Orthotics - Their staff have the right attitude to do what it takes to help those that have lost a limb (s) and they work hard to get you back to as normal as possible.   They have the willingness to help anyone anywhere get what they need.  Go to their website that is included on our Resource Links page and you'll be able to see for yourself everything you would want to know about this company.  They have several locations through out the country.   They are well versed in all insurances and Medicare. The gift you will find is the willingness from this company to do what is needed to help their patients lead the best life possible.


My husband Sterling had worked hard not to be confined to a wheelchair, which during the time he was in the hospital   I was told he would never walk again.   We had initially worked with a prosthetics company that came to the hospital.   Through months of trying to get what he needed he was fitted with a used prosthetic that had broken several times. Since then through our current prosthetician my husband is back with a new computerized C-Leg ready to take on a new life. He walks so well people don't realize he's missing his leg.


Utah Prosthetics and Orthotics also helps those that have problems with a drop foot, which happened to me. They have professionals to help fit you with the proper AFO in order to get the best treatment.   You may require two AFO's.  One for day and one for night use. A drop foot can take up to two years to heal.  People that experience drop foot may have similar feelings like those who have had an amputation.   The pain they experience is called "white   pain" and can be very debilitating. Talk to a good pain specialist that may help you control the pain.

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